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The Nutty Professor Needs To Cool It

We love Joe Maddon but it seems that so far this season he is employing too much trickery. Joe- play your centerfielders in their normal position, don’t have them sitting behind second base trying to prevent singles when a ball hit over their head will end up being a triple. Triples kill you, a single here and there you can deal with.

Rays were doubled up by Seattle last night 4-2 to start a nine game road trip.


Red Sox’s Injury Woes… Rocco To The DL…


Define Baseball In 150 Words Or Less, Win Prize, Or Not.

Here, at Slate

Johhny Damon Plays With His Wang

And whom might he be referring to here when asked about the Yankee’s pitching woes?

“We have six losses on the year right now and he’s got three of them,” Damon said. “And in all three of those games, we’ve been blown out and we’ve had to go to our bullpen. So maybe our bullpen’s not sharp the following days. So I don’t know what more to say, but hopefully he can figure it out because it’d be tough to keep on going like this.”

The Weekend That Wasn’t…


So, The Rays lost a home series for the first time in almost a year and find themselves in last place, an all to familiar place for long-suffering Rays’ fans. And it gets worse, word is that B.J.Upton injured his quad. Basically, the White Sox lit-up the Rays’ pitching staff all weekend long, and the walks, my god, the walks…

In other news, the Indians crushed the Yankees and Chien-Ming Wang, 22-4. Wang is now 0-3 with a 34.50 ERA. That’s right, 34.50. Wang, who is next scheduled to start against the Red Sox on Friday might be taken outside the new Yankee Stadium and shot instead.

The House That Carl Pavano Built…

Yankees lose their first game in new home.

Bostonians Crawl Through Their Own Puke In Search Of Panic Button

O.K. We understand that the Rays are off to a tough start and yes they lost again last night but this is a minor detour, an early season spasm, if you will, before things turn around. In Boston, on the other hand, well, how do we count the ways…

First off, Danny Ainge had a heart attack yesterday, KG might not play in the playoffs for the Celtics, Tumbling Dice-K is on the DL, Beckett was suspended, Big Papi just looks like a slugger now, a hotdog without the mustard and Jon Lester could end up being 0-4 before Mother’s Day.

In addition, The Ladies of Francona are in last place and might not budge from there the entire season.

But hey, the Bruins won last night! The question is; can they get out of the first round of the NHL playoffs?